How to Make Christmas Money

Christmas Money

Are you ready for the holidays? I have the solution for you! Even if you’re not thinking about the holiday BUT need extra cash to pay bills and live the way you want to live…. Listen to this! Less than 10 minutes can change your life. Go ahead. Listen in then call me. Blessings to Keep Reading »

FaithTalk LIVE: How to Get Back Up

083015 How to Get Back Up

Listen…tonight, I’m back at it with #FAITHTALK LIVE! http://www.FAITHTALKWITHWANZA.COM That’s right! I will be LIVE tonight at 7pm EST…just a few short minutes from now. Have you experienced disappointment and failure in your life? All of us have…but some of us don’t get back up! Tonight, I want to encourage you that not only can Keep Reading »

Great News!! Infertility Defeated


Just got a great report! Infertility is defeated AGAIN!  Listen, this young lady said something sooo real that it can not be denied. She said God told her to prepare her body, get in His will and seek the Kingdom and He was going to bless her womb. Sounds similar to what God told me as Keep Reading »

5 Tips for Broadening Your Influence Online

Broadening your influence online

1. Post ENCOURAGING statuses. The saying, “I can do bad all by myself,” applies here. No one…no one that is trying to improve their life wants to read sad, depressing, derogatory statuses. Keep it upbeat. People like to follow people that are positive. 2. Comment and/or LIKE someone’s status that you don’t know. We all Keep Reading »