Your Words Have Power

Isn’t it amazing how easy it is to doubt, have fear or just plain ole throw an emotional fit when things are not going well. Listen, I know some days are rough BUT do not speak against your own blessing. When my husband and I were trying to have children we would lay in bed Keep Reading »

No More Infertility Sadness

fertility infertility faith christian woman family dealing with infertility

Heyyyyy! Good morning lovelies!!! This is the day the Lord has made – let’s get up and rejoice! Sad days are OVAH! LOL. You know what Hannah did when Eli told her that God would answer her request? She changed her countenance (no more sad face), got up and went to eat with her fam Keep Reading »

The Reason for Infertility

Infertility Hannah Prayed for Children God Answered her Request Samuel Elizabeth John the Baptist

WHY? WHY? WHY? There are so many questions we ask of ourselves everyday. Why am I skinny? Why am I black? Why am I fat? One question that families suffering from infertility ask themselves constantly is “why can’t I have children?” We may not ask it verbally or even in those terms, but the questions Keep Reading »

Sometimes Infertility Makes Us Cry

Wanza Leftwich

How’s it going? Are you crying or smiling today? Me…I’ve done a bit of both today. Lol I thank God for you ladies and gents. Those who are a part of the Infertility Defeated community. Those of you just passing by this blog…you’re more than welcome to return . I pray that this day is Keep Reading »