Wanza Leftwich

Last night, I had the opportunity to experience someone else receive a “wow” (an only God type of blessing/miracle). To SEE that with my own eyes was life-changing. To see the sheer joy of someone that BELIEVED ONLY in the God we serve receive manifestation. They didn’t know how it would happen. They didn’t know Keep Reading »

How to Download Facebook LIVE Videos

Are you using Facebook LIVE to create content? What happens once you end your broadcast? Are your videos stuck in Facebook “videoland” never to be seen again? If they are, you can now download them to your computer and reuse them! That’s right. You can use your content over and over again! It’s yours so Keep Reading »

How to Get More Facebook Likes on Your Fanpage


We all want LIKES, don’t we? Well…I just learned a quick and easy way to gain more Facebook LIKES on your fanpage. It’s super simple and absolutely FREE. This tip is especially great for those of you (like me) who run Facebook Ads and have a lot of engagement, yet you don’t know who those Keep Reading »

Don’t Get Used to What’s Broken

Don't get used to what's Broken

Are you settling for the broken places in your life? Are you soooo comfortable that you’re willing to stay in the same place because you are afraid of making the change? Watch this video and get inspired to leave the cycle of brokenness behind.